This week…

I might expand on some of these a little later, but for now are some short thoughts about this week.

  • People comparing Chris Rock to Robin Williams, are idiots. Robin William would never make a joke which would get him slapped in the first place!
  • How can you hear a slap around the world, if not one was really listening.
  • The current Tory Government are either a real genius evil, or they just are really that dumb.
  • Is anyone safe to be them in the UK? Doesn’t seem so.
  • I can’t wait until we have PM Albanese
  • Texas could have had Beto.
  • I really need to get a routine with my blogging, but I don’t want too either, lol
  • Need to get a list together to make a better lifestyle change. The less I write anything down, the less that I am likely to change anything.

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