Happy 1st Day!

Don’t worry, no April Fools Day here. It’s a pity when your birthday month starts on April the 1st.

While I am having a hard time with my birthday this year, I do look forward to realizing that I have made it another year, when other’s have not. I feel relatively “normal” still. I’m not talking to my Dad, I keep asking for money for my birthday, since I have none. I keep trying to think of reasons to “celebrate”, and all I have is that I lived another year…Somehow, lol.

It’s weird, I’m alright with it (my birthday), but when people ask me why I don’t want too celebrate, I have answers. When I go to say why I should celebrate it, I can’t think of a good enough reason too, lol.

Maybe I’ll get a room somewhere by myself and just relax for a night.


9 thoughts on “Happy 1st Day!

  1. My upcoming Gemini birthday, will be the 10th birthday without my twin brother, Colin… My Gemini.
    When he died I said I wasn’t going to celebrate our birthday any longer.
    My mom said that I was being incredibly selfish. I would be robbing everyone, including my own children, from letting them show me they love me.
    Some I encourage you to celebrate you just for being you and for making it through another year.
    Happy Birthday to you

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