Thursday Theories – Lifestyle

That’s it! Change of lifestyle impending.

I hit my head, and then three nights later I threw up a few times. Do I think the two things are related? No, does my hypochondria … absolutely freaking! Anyway, it’s given me a big wake up call. Especially when I had to ring in sick for work and I started to cry. Because, I really enjoy where I work and I really adore the people I work.

I just have to accept the fact that I cannot eat the same way I did, I cant wait till 8:30pm and stuff my face with bad food.

I have to get more physically active. I have to just generally get out more. Before COVID I used to have no problem with going out, just window shopping and then have some lunch. Talk a walk to the Library and get a couple of books, now I either I don’t have the time or I don’t feel like it.

Where does one even start, I feel like sometimes, “fake it until you make it”. I just don’t feel like this that time, I am one of those, I need to do it all. Give it all! My mum said though, don’t go the complete opposite way. Don’t go from stuffing my face, to you know, eating like once a day.

So! When one changes lifestyle, you have to look at everything:

Eating habits,

Sleeping habits,

Drinking habits,

Mental and physical habits:


13 thoughts on “Thursday Theories – Lifestyle

  1. Here is a snapshot of my life at the moment…

    Eating habits: My wife and I eat vegan meals. I have an occasional non-vegan snack here and there. She knows about this, so there is no concern here.

    Sleeping habits: My wife and I go to bed around 10 at night, and wake up around 6 in the morning.

    Drinking habits: My wife doesn’t drink. At all. Ever. I have a drink every now and then, which equates to a drink every few months or so.

    Mental and physical habits: I’m writing a book, so in this regard, I’m a mess. Check back when the book is published and I resume my regular life.

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  2. It took many steps to get where you are now and will take many steps to get where you want to be. I met a guy years ago who had been a POW in Vietnam – Hanoi Hilton. When he was in really bad shape, the guy in the cell next to him challenged him to a push up contest. He could only do one that day. The guy kept after him to just add one more each day. It worked and he came out more healthy. Grin – save the great leaps forward for when you get to one of the places you want to be. What helped me was looking back after a month to see how far I had come by focusing on reasonable forward steps everyday.

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  3. I need to make changes too. Have become complacent (lazy) and too chubby for my wardrobe! Laziness and procrastination seem to win out over movement every time. But reading this has given me a kick up the bum. I shall start by reviving my blog. thank you and good luck

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      1. oh no. Don’t be embarrassed. I promise you that everyone else there is too busy worrying about their workout or even how they look to be bothered about anyone else

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