What a weekend!

Not going to get into too much detail here. But it was wild! I had to go on Twitter, before I went and voted. Because just as the weekend came up, I was threatened with a lawsuit, by an executive producer from Radio Essex. She was hassling a gay guy and she blocked me when I asked her how has this gay guy been a misogynist.

Only to check a message from Radio Essex, but then I saw “Trans Safety” were harassing a trans friend of mine. So I got in there to defend them. And I can take it, but it really blew my mind to see a group of trans people who call themselves “trans safety” having such a massive go, with their large platforms. At a trans person, who was actually correct. THEY were totally in the wrong, they blocked everyone who defended my trans friend. But kept tweeting, publicly, about what terrible people we all were.

What put up red flags for me, was when this person said “we are critical”. Now, in the world of transphobia, there are group called “Gender Critical” and they are usually men/males. For me as well, if you admit to being critical, that means you cannot be objective.

And the late last night, I banged my head. I’ve still got a little bump on the noggin still. What I am going to go with this week, I don’t know yet.


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