Don’t come for my men!

Doesn’t bigotry make people REALLY dumb? Hahahaha,

So I was “killing it” with a TERF. Who then pointed out two males liked my tweet. You know how I responded?

And my males haven’t been kicked off of Twitter for harassing women, like Graham Linehan. And can’t consult with children like James Esses. They’re not terrorists like the male Rosie Duffield liked tweets of. And they don’t out people like Buck Angel. Also not being retweeted by the Trump boys. Also, the majority of anti-trans bills…All brought in, by guess what…MALES…Almost sounds like the majority of anti-trans people are, in fact, male.

Also, what is with anti-trans people acting like kids are being lead into dark allies and having operations black market style? If between a Doctor and a therapist, they told me my arms gotta come off. I am probably going to listen to them. Like that isn’t a “gothca” thing, lol.

Don’t come for my men!


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