Thursday Theories – Personally, I am over the blatantly stupidity.

Recently a well known radio host in Australia, asked “How do we get people back into the CBD’s” This radio host has been a BIG encourager of the anti-vax and anti-mandates “protests” that have been taken place in the CBD’s.

Here’s the thing, the anti-vaxers were complaining about how all these businesses were shutting down. So around Christmas, people were being really cautious, rules were relaxed a little. So what did the anti-vaxers do? They went into the city to protest against…well, we’re not sure what exactly…

Guess what happened, the majority that had been vaccinated left the city. Then the cities got COVID, so everyone stopped going out…Then the anti-vaxers started to whine about how the PM’s had opened up everything way too early.

How do these people not get it?

Canberra, is 95% double vaccinated, at the time when the last “protest” took place. The ACT was the most highly vaccinated state/terrotiory in Australia. So what did the “Freedums” Protestors, they went to the ACT of course! Too protest against mandates, mandates … at the high vaccinated state in Australia. They came from other states, because Canberra, were vaccinated.

Guess what happened.

The people who actually lived in Canberra, left the city early …

People came from all over Australia, to protest mandates, at the highest state vaccinated.


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