International Women’s Day

Before I start this, I clearly include ALL women in this.

Each year IWD is given a theme, which often relates to contemporary events, trends and struggles. This year the focus is on ‘breaking the bias‘. Which is so cool, and I do wonder if it has something to do with the hatred that the trans community has been experiencing.

International Women’s Day

As I was writing:

“Courageous feminism means no woman must be left behind – and that means trans women too” Karen Price ; The Guardian (Australia) Sat 5 Mar 2022 06.00 AEDT

Also, I freaking just hate Rowling. Not even sorry, I just hate her. She gives women every a bad name.

What I would like to know is, who are your inspirational women? #IWD2022

I would say that I am inspired by a lot of the women in my family. In all honesty (mainly my mums side). My great grandfather, missed a part of her leg from polio, but not one ever considered her disabled. She had a child out of wedlock and never pretended her was her “younger” brother. My grandmother taught me about Reiki, Tarot meditation. She travelled overseas and backpacked by herself, in her 50’s and helped people with AIDS/HIV. My mum, brought up my brother and I with pretty much no help from my Dad.

Every other I admire, is just a little bit extra.

And I know myself doing “Twitter” isn’t enough.

Also I got my booster done, and I am doing well! My arm hurts like a …


2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. Also, I freaking just hate Rowling. Not even sorry, I just hate her.

    You’re not alone. My wife and I (both women), absolutely cannot stand J. K. Rowling. We don’t care if she has transphobic views, but she needs to shut up and keep those views to herself.

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