I don’t think I am normal, haha

Some days that I think I am totally a normal person, and then other days I think “No Way”. One of the reasons I dislike social media so much, is because one person’s platform can seem like a lot. But when you think about it, it’s only one person’s voice.

I asked a question go after male politicians, are much as they do female politicians. A transphobes “answer” was that women tend to stand together with women’s rights. So when ‘we’ see a female politician take the side of men, we tend to go crazy.

Which makes no sense, women, on majority, support trans rights. It’s men who do not. Take a Green conference over the weekend. There was an amendment made by an MP called Sharari Ali, to “debate” about trans people having a mental disorder, and that trans people should still have to attend Conversion Therapy. He found some way to get it through. It was co-sponsored by a female, but ultimately a male brought it up and not a woman. So why didn’t they give him a hard time? He thought to speak for females. Women/females quit because they were so disgusted.

But they’re not angry with him. They’re angry at the female lead for passing this motion

It will ensure liberation groups (representing members with protected characteristics – women, LGBTIQA+ people, disabled people, etc) are consulted on conference motions that affect their members…”

I can’t possibly be the only that think it’s odd, how few males transphobes and TERFs go after. Considering cis males are the problem, and they have a LOT of problematic males on their side. Trump for one.


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