Some of my thoughts on Russia declaring War on Ukraine

The biggest thought I have is, that is not a War on America. It’s a War declared by Russia on the Ukraine, over NATO. As I have written before briefly. Putin was “worried” that the Ukraine was going to be put on the NATO list, they were not, but Putin is a vile dictator.

This War has nothing do with Biden or Trump, Russia’s War is not an “American” thing. Not everything is about America. I know that might stun people, but the world does not revolve around America. It would not have made a blind bit of difference who was in charge, Biden or Trump. Trump admires Putin, I HIGHLY doubt that someone like Trump would tell someone like Putin to not start a War. Trump WANTED a War to “win”, he was trying to start one in his own country.

It’s why Biden hasn’t sent a whole lot of soldiers, it’s not actually an attack of America. It’s an attack on Ukrainians. Not Americans. If it was, Biden would definitely send soldiers in.

Repeat with me, lol…This is not about America, lol. This is about Putin being Putin.


7 thoughts on “Some of my thoughts on Russia declaring War on Ukraine

  1. Last I remember, It was America who sent weapons to Afghanistan, Iraq & Iran & so many other countries. Whether the world revolves around America or not, America definitely has tried to do the same from the very beginning. There are other mad leaders like North Korean Kim-ung but why do you think it was Putin who attacked a neighboring country in a hurry like this. There was something going on definitely. And something was USA trying to include Ukraine into NATO whether someone agrees or not.
    I’ve been watching some of the recent press conf. by Biden & no wonder he’s saying that his heart goes out to Ukrainians. However, I highly doubt that. Even though NATO & the USA didn’t send any troops, their presence was completed by weapons they provided before. They actually want Ukraine to suffer. Coz, no chance that Ukraine gonna win this alone.
    Coming to what’s my stand on Putin, it’s definitely inhuman to make people suffer like this but.. well the “but” part is not so acceptable.
    I’m not justifying, I’m just saying that Putin isn’t some kind of mental maniac who’ll just go on a killing/invading spree without any solid/helpless reason.


    1. The man literally poison’s or just outright kills any opposition. He’s made it so his in power the rest of his life. And the people of Russia have shown they don’t want him. So YES, you are absolutely justifying Putin.

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      1. Your response would’ve been different if it was America attacking Canada or Mexico coz they tried to join an alliance similar to NATO with Russia in a hypothetical situation.

        Note: To any viewer viewing these comments, I completely condem what the Russian president is doing in Ukraine. (Don’t want any baseless arguments)


    2. Whatever the flaws of US foreign policy down the years, none of that justifies anything Putin has done. This isn’t about NATO – Putin believes Ukraine isn’t really a country and that it should be absorbed into Russia. He’s brutally cracked down on Chechnya and Georgia and protesters get arrested – or worse.

      With the suggestion of Ukraine joining NATO comes the end of Putin’s ambitions to restore Soviet-era borders. Between that and his belief that Ukraine shouldn’t really exist, that’s why we have this war, and all the deaths, and destruction, and consequences, belong on Putin’s shoulders.


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