Honesty Time

  • I don’t care about other people’s gametes. I’m sorry, if it shocks anyone that I care about the individual, rather than their gametes, lol
  • You’re not special if you’ve had no issues with gay people, most people don’t. That’s why most people have no clue as to why others are so upset about the LGBTQIA community. Sorry, not special dear.
  • When I see someone say that they’re attracted to someone’s sex, no you’re not, lol. None of us are, we’re attracted to looks, to Pheromone’s, to someone’s personality. When you first meet someone, you don’t even know what their sex even is, lol.
  • When I see someone say “why don’t trans women date each other then”. Well, one, that’s not how it works. Two, they do, but it is rare. There’s not one way to date when you’re trans, just like when you’re cis.
  • You can also smile, breathe and chat while you wear a mask.
  • Honestly what kind of person keeps telling other’s that you cannot breath in a mask.
  • If I ever see any of you refer to Biden as “Grandpa Biden” I am coming for you. Except of course, if you’re talking about Right Wing Republicans.
  • Before you react to someone, take some time to think about it.
  • I am not an Einstein, but at least I am aware of it.
  • I am over hearing about what Trump thinks. He has just always been terrible.

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