Thursday Talking – Everything

Where do I even begin with this post? The last 24 hours have been…Well, easy to say a emotional rollercoaster, of very high and very low.

Woke up too hear that “Governor” Greg Abbott has made it so any parent who SUPPORTS their trans child, it’s automatically considered abuse. He is also making it so any teacher, Doctor, you know person suppose to help protect you, HAS to “out” that child.

Later in the day, I heard that Clive Palmer has been taken to hospital with COVID like symptoms. Now for pretty much anyone to get COVID in Australia, the irony (or karma) is so weird with this one. Think of Clive Palmer like Texas’s Ted Cruz. His “party” and himself, have denied that COVID is a real thing. It’ll be interesting to see if he changes from this, though I doubt it.

Too even later in the day, Russia has invaded the Ukraine.

Even a bit later, I got a package that I have been looking forward too.

I mean, when do the emotions end?

The best piece of advice that I can offer is to simply, come off the grid. Even just for a couple of days, rejuvenate and refresh. Remind yourself/ourselves what we’re fighting, remind ourselves what we should be grateful for. Just shake it out and shake it off.


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