I was inspired to “write” this post after I FINALLY saw someone in the media, called out Kayne West’s abuse AS abuse, rather than grief.

After losing my own kitty a couple of weeks ago, I am tired of hearing from others that West is just “grieving” and he can do what he wants.

No, he cannot DO whatever he wants. Every day, somewhere in the world, someone is grieving a loss in some way or another. And we’re not all abusing people because we’re “grieving”. Being able to do whatever you want, is not a thing. In fact, I think you’ll find most people are more loving and kind BECAUSE they’ve just love someone or something important.

Grief, can do a lot to you and your life, in general. But it is not some “get out of free card”. if you feel you’re going to be angry, don’t interact that day.


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