Death *insert creepy music here*

I have a *theme* people for this week, lol.

I have a saying “If you want to be respected in death, be respectful in life”. Madgelna Burns was transphobic, racist and anti-semantic, she was pretty much the female equivalent of Rush Limbaugh. Yet, any time a pro-trans person brings up what she did or quote her, we’re the ghouls?

I’ve always found this “love the horrible when they were alive dead people” thing, odd.

You are under absolutely no obligation to “respect” the dead. You don’t have to show up for them. The only I do, is when they die, is not say a thing. After about 3-6 months, they are “game” again. And always remember if you call someone a ghoul, for quote tweeting someone. What does that say about the person who actually said it?

It’s your life, if you want to spend it whining about what a horrible dead person, might think of you repeating what they said. If it makes you feel any better, I doubt they honestly care. They’re not going to “come back” from the dead, and have at go at you for repeating what they said. Seems like a waste of a life if you ask me.


4 thoughts on “Death *insert creepy music here*

  1. I think good. It has always made me pause when told to not speak ill of the dead. Why not just say it as it is? What has me wondering is the focus you have in a few posts on trans people. Is this from a personal stance such as seeing friends vilified for their sexuality?

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