Kanye West

Okay, I am writing about this because I saw an article regarding him and it was calling his behaviour, juvenile. Now I get why that did that, if they called what his behaviour is, they’d probably get sued. His behaviour is downright dangerous.

I will admit that have a fear of people who are bi-polar. This comes from being sexually assaulted by someone with bi-polar. When I hear someone has it, I do instantly recoil. However, because I know it’s MY issue, I will work through it.

However, what makes me fear West, is that I am pretty sure he is either not taking his medication, or he is not taking the right medication. And that IS dangerous. And he has NO excuse, yes he is black, but he is also a rich person, and a celebrity. He has access to services that like 95% of the world’s population just do not have. I am pretty sure that Kardashians/Jenners would help him to get access to these too. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t.

For myself, it’s like watching white women throwing themselves and defending Johnny Depp. Both of these men, as time continues to go on. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions and words, have decided it is okay to have a go at everyone else. IT IS NOT OKAY. The most dangerous thing is to put off their actions as “hurt feelings”.

There is a difference between being hurt and trying to control everyone around you, through manipulation. The only good thing about Depp, is that he and Heard didn’t have any children together. I think that’s the biggest difference between Depp and West, Depp doesn’t have children to manipulate others with.

I am not a Kardashian/Jenner fan, by any means, even I fear for them though.


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