Back to Study!

Technically, I could have started my studies last week, but I have started them this week.

It feels really odd to start up again. I wasn’t studying in the end of the last term, of last year. I had the new job, and the classes that I have left to do, have a LOT of work in them.

So it really has been a while. Well, since I’ve been studying online since 2022, every term and semester. It’s a bit hard to get back into the swing of things. The first hour I was honestly having an hard time to get into a stream.

The first thing I suggest that when you are trying to get back into the swing of things, turn off all distractions. Turn off anything and everything that serves as a distraction. If say, having a crime channel on in the background doesn’t bother you, have it on. Personally, I can’t have total silence, it was very eerie. I need something, you just have to make sure it’s not too noisy.

If you have kids, you will probably need to schedule, and stick to it. Do they have a “nap time” for at least an hour, where you can at least start. Can someone babysit for a few hours? Don’t do any cleaning, just study. I don’t have children, but I know that every child and bringing them up can be VERY different from one child to the other, let alone in the same household!

What do you need to do, to go back into the swing of things?


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