A little message <3

I’ve been quiet about this, mainly because we didn’t think it was anything more serious that some kitty depression.

Travie had been very lethargic over the last couple of days. Since not “bathrooming” since Saturday morning, and only grazing since Friday evening. We took him to the vets. His blood, liver and kidney were all clear, but he is dehydrated and has a temperature. So they’re keeping him overnight. Going to hopefully fill him up with some yummy nutrients.

After seeing the specialist last night, looking less and less likely like depression, or a a parasite. More and more like a tumor or cancer. They’re going to keep him in one more night with anti-biotics, if that doesn’t do anything. We could do more tests, but he’s just surviving. Even with more tests, they can’t do that much for him…So we’ll hope, wait and see

Did you know that, at least in Australia, your pet can donate blood to help other animals? (Meeting certain conditions).


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