What do you do for Women?

I ask this question, because it’s coming up more and more in relation to Rowling, and what HAS she actually done.

Well, not that much actually.

Recently she donated some money to a women’s center, because of COVID. It’s only taken her over two years to remember there’s a COVID virus, I guess spreading all that bigotry makes you forget things like a global virus for more than two years.

The biggest reason this has been being brought up, is because in hindsight she hasn’t really done anything for women. Even when it comes to women or men in her own life, unless they agree with her, of course. She actually blocked Stephen King for saying that trans women are women.

One person, brought up that she donated a million dollars to somewhere “womanly” lol. When we started to break it down though, it was no different to someone working full time for us ordinary folk, donating $40 to a charity a month. SHE’S A FREAKING BILLIONARIE PEOPLE!

The woman could have a chain of domestic and rape center’s for just females, but no, she just let’s her minions continue to harass them instead. That’s not very “for women” is it? You can by the way, you can have female and male only domestic and rape crisis center’s. Too credit them two transphobic people have tried to raise money for female centre’s, for some reason (like I really don’t know why) other transphobic people shout them down. That whole thing is just odd.

So, on here a list of some of the issues that have come up:

  • Sending Marilyn Manson a huge bunch of red roses around the time he was starting to be accused of abuse.
  • Rowling’s studio sacked a pregnant actor, for being pregnant. The actor sued and won. Rowling was silent.
  • The ONLY thing Rowling said about Depp was that she didn’t choose to hire him…What does that even mean?
  • Kevin Guthrie, an actor on Fantastic Beasts was arrested and jailed for sexual assault. Rowling was silent.
  • She has yet to say anything about the racism that “Cho Chang” actress Katie Leung faced, with Rowling’s own lazy racism.
  • Her big hero Magdalen Berns, isn’t just anti-trans. Burns was also anti (and very openly) semantic as well. She was also VERY degrading to women who did not agree with her. She was just a terrible human being.

When I think of someone, say, Dr Ford. The Dr who stood up to her attacker. She knew that she would most likely lose, but she still fronted up and talked. She stood up to her attacker who was about to be made a Supreme Court Judge and has a HUGE power over the control of other’s bodies. Unlike Rowling who talks about her attacks from cis males, and yet blames trans people.

Be like Dr Ford, NOT Rowling.

You can have a say here (until the 4th of Feb).



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