Some things I don’t understand…

and glad that I don’t.

  1. Republican’s and their instance on turning America into the next Russia, China or North Korea, or projecting what they say Muslim people are.
  2. People who refuse to understand that Harry and Meghan, want privacy. But they’re allowed to control the narrative too to THEIR lives. If your name was dragged through the tabloids, you telling me that you wouldn’t take the opportunity to speak out? Bullshit! lol
  3. I don’t understand why people talk about Meghan Markle like they know, because of the tabloids. Then when I ask them “Why do you think she’s narcissistic” quote things from the tabloids. Then still complain about her speaking about herself. How are you all not getting this?
  4. How can you say you’re British “so you know things” when you haven’t lived in the UK since the 70’s?
  5. Saying it’s “okay” if we sacrifice the elderly and to save the economy, not wondering how you might feel about hearing that, when you’re elderly and have worked your entire life in some form or another.
  6. How the Green Party, the UK Labour Party and the LibDem say they’re nothing like the Tories, when they just sit back and let alone transphobia run rampant in the parties. Where there’s one bigotry, there will be another.
  7. How Nicola Sturgeon has done NOTHING about Joanna Cherry.
  8. Fake profiles calling other people delusional.
  9. What HAS gone wrong with our politicians exactly? Like, they’ve always been a bit horrible, but they just seem to be REALLY horrible now.

Now this is something I WANT to understand. I watch a lot of crime shows. Why is it when someone (mostly women) are in really abusive situations, like I’m not even talking about the just “there were signs in hindsight”. I’m talking about as well the full on everyone wants to get out abuse too. Why is it these people are always killed in the end, but before that, their abusive partners cheats on them. And they cant deal with that? Like their partner has nearly killed them several times at this point, and that’s “fine”. But if the abusive partner cheats, oh no, that’s disrespectful to the abused.

That is something I do not understand, but I wish I could. Because then maybe we could use that to help them leave?


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