What I’d like and what I need

I realised yesterday, that since Travie went missing. I have not had a chance to sit and relax, to have a break. Even the day…early morning…he came back, everyone want to know everything. Which is obviously really sweet, but we all needed a sleep.

I honestly answered the door and the phone, the first time, to well wishes like this…

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And I just looked worse and worse throughout the day, lol. You have to remember, Travie came back at 4:30 in the morning.

My “problem” is, I love to stream, blog and generally be awake at work.

I just haven’t had anytime to do anything. I love my work, but we only get public holidays off. So all Christmas I’ve been working, too come back to my partners house, with nothing cleaned, the cat sick everywhere AND NO DINNER COOKED! Luckily, I have been “killing it” at work since my work neighbour has been upstairs and I’m downstairs. But again, that makes me tired, lol.

Data Entry is surprisingly tiring work! lol

So I guess, in about a month. I’m going to see if I can take a week off work. Of course, when everyone else is back at work, haha!

Too be fair to my partner, the cat’s sick makes him sick…BUT…The dishes weren’t done and there were more than two days of dishes, because I had been at my mum’s home. AND STILL NO DINNER! The sick was in the laundry, nowhere near the kitchen. Honestly, I wanted to cry.

But you know, life keeps moving. Also, I refuse to do the dishes out of principal.

They’ll get done tomorrow morning, lol


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