Remind yourselves

In 2022, I would love to see a lot less of the “I hate it when people do this on my blog”…blogs. I get it’s annoying, but it just puts myself right off of Bloggers. Sometimes I have even gone to like a post, and then reminded myself that that Blogger has written that they can’t stand it when someone likes their posts but never comments.

You know what?

I have days where that’s all my brain can do. I read something I like, in the moment, I may not even know what I like about that post, I just do. Do I REALLY have to justify why I like EVERY SINGLE POST? It’s too much pressure, especially when this is supposed to be an outlet for myself.

No offence to anyone, but get yourselves.


16 thoughts on “Remind yourselves

  1. I feel I should just Like this but not comment! Ha!

    But I agree. My peeve is everything framed as “You’re Doing It Wrong!” How much harder is it to frame that in a positive manner? Anyway…

    To your point, sometimes–especially with poetry or fiction–it takes time to process the reading to make an intelligent comment, but I don’t want to leave the piece without some indication I read it and liked it, so…

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  2. Permit me to throw my two cents, as someone who’s written about this issue.

    While I understand where you’re coming from, some often misuse (and abuse) the Like function. I myself wouldn’t really mind if it’s just one, two, or a handful. But 20 at one given time? That’s humanly impossible!

    Admittedly, I’ve had my own lapses with liking multiple entries at one time — but I make up for it by actually leaving sensible comments. Just like with writing, you get a clearer view of things when you return to a draft at a later time.

    With this, I rest my case.

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    1. Well I constantly have people like and never leave a comment, lol. I don’t generally do it myself, but I just don’t want those who, for whatever reason, can’t or don’t want to. Too think a like isn’t a sufficient ❤

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  3. I have actually gotten called out for a “like”. I use it sparingly. I also am sometimes forced to use it when the stupid site won’t post my comment after three tries. Just keeps telling me to log back in, even though I am. So I give up and like the post because I read it. I’ve had people come onto my page and yell at me in my comments (on something completely unrelated) for liking one of their posts! Who does that? So I chalked it up to a bad day for that person, but it happened 3 more times. Before unfollowing them, I went back in their posts and found one from before I had followed them that they had referenced in one of the comments to me about how they hate “likes” and want a well thought out comment. So I hit “like”. And because I was in an especially bad mood, I unliked it and liked it again, 3x. I think WP fixed that now, but it used to notify the person every time you reclicked like 😂 it was not my proudest moment, but I just couldn’t anymore. They came on my page and just wrote “thank you for liking my post about not liking likes.” That was it. It’s too much effort to follow someone, read their material, enjoy it, and then have to follow some kind of Hammurabi’s Code of posting etiquette specific to their page only when you actually have other stuff happening. I will admit, it is irritating when your phone is exploding with WP notifications while you’re trying to do something, and when you log in one person went down and liked everything you’ve written in the last decade in less than 10 minutes, but that rarely happens. People should be allowed to like something without having to write a dissertation on it unless moved to. It irks me too 😂

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      1. So do I!!!! It was annoying when someone accidentally did it, but it was a great way to be passive aggressive when someone was driving you crazy because they don’t like likes! I don’t like being passive aggressive, but some people do bring it out of me. It seems silly, but I’ve seen people basically like it without hitting like. Things like 👍or⭐in a comment

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