Never 100%

Nothing in this world is perfect, nothing…well…except for like animals.

Okay, nothing human is 100% perfect.

The birth control pill is neither 100% safe to use and does not give you an 100% chance of not becoming pregnant…Just ask my mum about me! She was literally giving advice to others about how you don’t have to have children to be successful, while pregnant with me and she didn’t know!

No vaccine or medication is 100% safe or 100% effective. People who take birth control pills, are STILL dying from the pill.

Where am I going with this?

I was having a “conversation” with someone. who was trying to tell me how the Left eat itself all the time. Yeah, it does. I have actually blocked people who say (at least) there are on the “Left”. Because of their horribleness. A lot of “Bernie Bros” who would say they considered themselves on the left. I truly believe they ruined Bernie Sanders campaign.

The interesting part of this conversation was on how this exact day, Trump has been encouraging people to get the vaccine…This was Alex Jones’s response

Trump did a lot of good, and I believed in him,” Jones later said after Trump’s comments. “So, the fact that he’s done this makes it personal. It makes it hurt!”

You are either completely ignorant… or you are one of the most evil men who ever lived,” he also said during a Christmas broadcast of his show.

But he wasn’t the only one…

Others who have recently lashed out against the former president include radio host and longtime Trump supporter Wayne Allyn Root, who said on Jones’ show that Trump is “horribly wrong” about the vaccines and “needs an intervention.”

“Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander blasted Trump as well, writing on his Telegram channel: “Trump, stop. Just stop. Have your position (backed by Fauci) and allow us to have ours (which is backed by science). This losing is getting boomer level annoying.”

(I think Ali Alexander will find that the Science actually backs the vaccine, but you know lol. Also not sure WHERE Trump said that they HAVE to get it, just that they should. Do these people even know how to read?).

I must say it’s pretty funny, lol. Bet they feel pretty stupid now about Jan 6th, haha.

The funniest thing about it all, is that for once Trump was actually right!. Especially when he said the vaccines don’t stop you from getting COVID, but if you do get it, then you’ll have less severe symptoms.


7 thoughts on “Never 100%

  1. The disgusting thing about this entire pandemic is that early on it became a political point scoring game. Even now politicians cannot move away from that. Media hype hasn’t done a whole lot of good either.

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  2. Some people who identify as “left” are horrible people, but by and large I have found them to be decent folks. Just like the “right”. It’s the “alt” that screws it up. “Alt right” and “alt left” are the ones that make you wish Darwinian survival was still a thing. But it doesn’t matter what political party you are, in the end, medication should not be about politics, whether it’s birth control or vaccines. I just think it’s insane that people who would have laid down their lives for the Trump cause are now turning on him because he said that getting a vaccine can help. Of ALL of the things that have come out of his mouth, THAT is the tipping point? Whatever. This is the one and ONLY time that I have ever thought anything he said made any sense. Who knows? Either way, poked, jabbed, injected, vaccinated-it’s all the same. If it can make it less deadly, then it’s a good thing

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      1. They’re only happy with whatever fits their new world order. And he was just a means to an end. He brought the ugly out into the open, and made it socially acceptable. Anything outside of the realm of ugly is overstepping the bounds. They want him to stay in his lane that they painted for him, or they turn. They used him as an excuse to be horrible, not as someone they truly love and admire. He just managed to do all of the horrible stuff before they even thought of it, promote it before it started, and generally do everything the way he did without failing to destroy much of the good in this world. But at the end of the day, he’s just a megalomaniac that got the attention he so craved, and believed in his soul of souls that these people truly meant to follow him and him alone. They did not. He was just the orange face of the ugly and not any more important than the next patsy propped up to be the profit of people. This in no way exonerates him – I truly believe he was an active traitor to the country for 4 years – but what’s happening now is out of his control. It all was since the beginning. The first time he made it ok to be atrocious, he lost it all. That train was going to keep speeding along, with or without him.

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