Love will ALWAYS win!

I am not even going to get into what “she who should never be named again” did or tweeted. But this is what THE Lynda Carter did, in less than 12 hours, it had nearly 80,000 likes. You should go and show some love! I saw it in the morning, before I left for work. When I got back from work and saw what I saw. I cried.


2 thoughts on “Love will ALWAYS win!

  1. Clever. I don’t have Twitter so I know nothing that happens on it. But I knew exactly who you meant because of your wording. Beautiful play. No disgusting names, yet clear as day, even for me.

    As for Ms Carter, she’s Wonder Woman. Of course she’s on point! But her last paragraph made me think. Life is too short. The only reason you would do what the other is doing is because you are in some way so small within yourself that you are truly threatened by someone else living their truth. How truly little she must be in her own world and mind that she chooses to be a troll. Not just a regular troll either – they’re usually just faceless keyboard bullies. She puts her name and dave for all to see her poisonous drivel. It doesn’t make people agree with you. It doesn’t warm you more fans. It literally does nothing but prove time and again that she is just a nobody who had a good story to tell and should note be considered a has been and long forgotten. Her books may live on (a good book is still a good book), but she should just fade back into the obscurity from whence she came.

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