Winter Question Tag … Blogmas Day 7

Thank you for this Know Your Worth Own Your Life! ❤

It’s a bit weird doing this, since it’s Summer in Australia, ,haha! But I love doing these things.

 Winter Question Tag … Blogmas Day 7

Here’s the list of questions
  1. What’s your favorite Winter sport?
    I LOVE watching ice-skating, winter or Summer. There’s something really beautiful about ice-skating.
  2. What’s your number one self care priority during colder weather?
    Trying to make sure that I don’t get a cold/flu. You know something? It usually works out pretty well, except when other people are involved (lol). I like my temperature comfortable, but during Winter, everyone wants to put the heater on full blast. I have actually gotten heat stroke during Winter once.
  3. What do you place at the top of your tree?
    At the moment it’s a red star, but it’s very “Russian” looking. So I am going to get something a little more ‘pleasant’, haha.
  4. Any Christmas Eve traditions?
    My family have quiet a few!
    + We have a secret santa with the adults, and we wrap the presents in newspaper
    + Well, my mum and I put up our Christmas tree on the 1st of December, and then take it down 12 days after Christmas.
    + Always a Turkey and a Ham
    + My mum makes the Christmas pudding and cake
    + You have to wear the hats.
  5. What is your definition of Christmas spirit?
    Anything that brings you Joy. Genuine Joy. You all know what I mean. Even if it’s just the food, haha.
  6. What is one thing you’ve always wished for?
    World Peace…I am completely serious! The last couple of years especially so. I know that I am very lucky and privileged, and honestly wish there was more I could do.
  7. What would you say in a Grown Up Christmas Letter to Santa?
    Hey dude, where’s the world peace I keep wishing for (haha)
  8. One object you’d think would be in every mom’s purse during the Winter?
    Tissues? I’m not a mother, but I can imagine that tissues would be very handy during Winter.
  9. What 3 movies do you watch every Christmas?
    1 Nightmare Before Christmas, of course
    2 The Muppets Christmas Carol
    3 Normally Jim Carrey’s “Grinch”
    In all honesty, they are usually the only ones I like to watch. The rest, if I get around to watching them, I watch them. So if I remember like Home Alone, I’ll watch it. I just don’t have many “must watch” Christmas films. I normally watch all my favourite tv shows Christmas specials.
  10. What’s you absolute favoritest part about this time of year?
    Even though, it’s completely stressful, I always have really lovely Christmas’s. Even though, at the moment, I’ve blocked my Dad. Still happy, haha. I just can’t deal with his poop at the moment.


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