Have any of you ever been grateful that you unfollowed someone’s blog? I am.

Sometimes I see some people that I used to follow, and think, how happy I am that they showed who they are. Especially, when they take a post of mine, don’t tag me in it and use my post to be a bigot.

Never Ever do that, by the way.

If you want to use my post to expose your bigotry’s, at LEAST have the decency to tag me in it. I am still shocked by the blogger who did that by the way. At first I thought they were supporting trans people … Nope … By the way, if you want to use my post to support trans people, go for it. You don’t have to tag me, IF you support trans people. You do, if you want to be a bigot towards anyone.

Honestly, even some bloggers are really stupid.

I don’t know how after all this time, people are STILL being stupid when it comes to COVID either.

Clearly people still don’t understand how viruses work.

Since the vaccine has come along, the COVID deaths and contracting it, have LOWERED.

Viruses have different variants.

Even if you do survive having COVID, we are still seeing long term effect from people who “survive” COVID.

WHY, for the love of GOD, are people STILL being stupid about it?

In all honesty, every single time I see someone say something like “COVID, is not that fatal” or “children rarely die from COVID”…I want to smack them in the face. Yes, children rarely die from COVID…But there’s that word, RARELY…ONE death of a child, from a virus, we are trying to control, SHOULD, be enough for ANYONE to say “What can I do”.

My great grandmother, got polio and survived. She lost half a leg, and her pelvis became twisted, but she survived and she did live a good life. She still got all the shots, she got her children and grand children, all the shots. I’m sure she would have made us get all the shots too.



4 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. I’m sorry you had such a negative experience with a blogger. And that was a cr***y thing to do! I had a similar experience with a blog I used to enjoy and follow. I thought the person behind it was very nice until they left a very vile comment on one of my posts which showed what a nasty little bigot they really were. What can you do – we’re always going to come across such people unfortunately. With regards to the vaccine, well I’m fully vaxxed (had to get that in there! :)) but I think it’s the excessive level of scaremongering out there that is putting off people who might otherwise have had the vaccine. It seems that people would rather seek guidance from Twitter than a trained medical professional!


  2. Covid is indeed a delicate subject due to the way it has been weaponised by politicians and media. That, however, does not excuse someone from being nasty as it costs nothing to be nice and at the least respectfully disagree.
    I did however learn early on in blogging how to unfollow someone which was a good thing seeing as I’ve only been doing this since May.


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