What don’t you do do?

Yes, I wrote that exactly how I intended it to be.

I was thinking more surrounding work.

What do you do at work, that you’ve either had to stop yourself from doing, or you can’t do, but you do do anyway?

So at my Mum’s work, because a lot of them live pay check to pay check. They will take anything from work, including toilet paper. Like, even though I am not a rich woman, sometimes though, we get our food delivered. Sometimes, that food gets mixed up with someone else’s order. Since COVID, you are not allowed to take it back to the shops. So if we have “left over” food, like the other week, we got dog food, in huge cans. We don’t have a doggo anymore, so I passed the cans onto my Mum’s work. Apparently it all went in 5 seconds.

Or say, at my work. Because we’re data entry, we’re allowed to listen to our ipods (or audio books), and last week, on the Friday I actually did this…Then I started wiggling in my seat.

I mean … How could I not?

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

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