Here we go…

Here comes Monday again! Over the weekend past, I really had to try and catch up with my blogs for this week. Saturday evening, I only had one post ready to go for this week! I have ONE…One post! Normally by the weekend, for the next week. I have a few ready to go…One…I do not believe it!

Here we are again though, on a Monday! As I write this I don’t know if I start work this week, always great to know, lol.

I did spend the weekend though, helping at my Grans house and cleaning out things there, and helping to bring things back and around. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but here in my state of Australia. Once you’ve been accepted into a home, then you only have a couple of days to get into it. Which I still find surprising. My mum and I have been up at her house all week, trying to shift through stuff and then we come to help collect stuff. But we’re going through most of it, when we all meet up again. So I’ve got her books, her reiki and tarot stuff. Some chairs that my Grandfathers, grandfather made…So great grandfather? And a bookcase.

I also found the time though, to put up some Halloween stuff. Since we’re not having a party this year, but at the moment, I’ll be doing trick and treat. I put just a few things around the outside of the house =D I have no idea if my neighbourhood is even doing it this year, but they did it last year. I can’t see why they wouldn’t do it this year?

At some point this weekend coming, I am also going to do my first ever Discord Channel Book Club stream! It’s going to be specifically kept to Discord. I think I know what I want to do as well. I saw some book things one can do for Halloween. I haven’t picked a day or time yet. So it’ll either be Friday evening my time, Saturday some day or possibly Sunday evening my time, Sunday day or morning your time. I should know by Friday what I’m specifically doing. But head on over now if you want too! ❤

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