Cutest Explosions.

I would like to end this week, with you and I, talking about the cutest things we’ve seen lately. Let’s try to brush off the horribleness of the week.

I was inspired to write this post after seeing the horribleness that is the UK’s BBC and the Tory Government. As well as Australia’s own Prime Minister, calling social media users as cowards. The same Prime Minister that went on “holiday” during our recent bush fires. Then when he came back, blamed his daughters.

Yesterday, while I was doing some supermarket/grocery shopping. I must say that I ADORE that awkward teenage flirting. At our local supermarket we have a trans youth girl check out person. Yesterday I saw her male teenager co-worker flirting with her. I was like (especially after I just seen the vileness from the BBC and Sussex Uni) I couldn’t stop looking, even though I should have. I also wanted to scream…YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE!!!

Don’t know what he is, but ain’t he adorable?

So, I don’t know how many of you are on Tik Tok…I am not, but I had a friend show me a lot of videos from this account “Sounds of the Forest”. She is lovely! Need a pick me up? Watch her…and she’s 26!

Even serious things, can some times be cute too!

Lil Dicky


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