A little life update

After today, I thought that I would give a little update.

I’m through to the second round for the job, that I’ve had to be putting other things off for. Now, I’m like, I find it still interesting, but there are so many reasons why I’ve gone off of it.

The biggest one being, they said it was casual and I’ve applied for positions like it before. So I did think maybe it’s a few days a week, working autonomously all day, a couple of days a week. I can handle that…It’s full time though!

The other reason though, is the location. It’s out of the way, and the way I thought that was possible. Only seems possible at certain times, so if I need to leave early, or need to get there a bit later, it has to be taxi.

And thirdly, it only lasts for two years! I’m looking for something more permanent and possibly part-time. I’m 37, with no children, want a couple, what happens if I get pregnant half way through! When I’m ready to go back, I’ll be in the same position I am now. No job, lol. My partner did give me some advice (due to me not being able to refuse suitable work, or I get cut off). If I get offered a position, keep looking for work I want, permanent part-time. So not only will I still have a job, but I wont have to worry about welfare/social security. Which actually seems reasonable.

My partner is really smart.

Oh, I’m still streaming…I’m up to 6 streamers now =D Which considering I started off with 0, it’s going well =D

Which you can watch me here Lady Lolsy … I believe it shows my schedule, but in your time … I think. This is another thing that worries me though. I have been really enjoying the streams. I don’t know if I’d have the energy, if I get this job.

I’m old! lol

But I have also decided, you know what, I’m going to write a book! Get serious about. I have been so inspired by writers and bloggers on here. My Aunt said to me, that I should definitely write a book. That I have a really imaginative mind, and that I think about a lot of things from different perspectives. I might even be able to write a self-help kind of book. My brother said (even though I’m not supposed to know) that I am a very insightful person.

Just a couple of little things. So now what I have to do, if wait and see what happens with this position, I will still keep applying for jobs at the moment. There’s one that I want more than this one. And it’s perfect for me, it’s with a teachers registration board, close by (living wise) AND part time permanent! I am going to focus on that job application tomorrow.

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