How I “Cancel”…

I hear a lot about this “cancel culture”, which considering Rowling still filming her third film, Cosby got out and is suing people and Kevin Spacey is in a movie…Soooooo, who has even been “cancelled” again? No such thing as far as I’m concerned. However, with Epstein’s death, now THAT’S being cancelled!

Also, I hate hearing “cancel culture” as it seems to be mainly a white person thing. As usual white people can’t even come up with actually cancelling someone.

However, this is not a post to get into the mind or the theories about “cancel culture” (which isn’t even a real thing).

What do I do when I “cancel” someone?

  • You might notice that I don’t always mention names. As an example, there’s a certain ex-“reality” tv family, who name I don’t mention. The moment you do, you will find them coming up everywhere! I don’t search for them on FB, Twitter, Instagram. While I can’t always escape them. I definitely don’t get them as much on my feed as other people.
  • Say, I know someone who really loves HP (I could be talking about HP Sauce, you don’t know). May want something, or I see something that I know they would really love. I will only buy now, if I can get it secondhand. Some things I have found that, she who-shall-not-be-named, doesn’t actually own the rights to certain products anyway.
  • As an example, I lost all respect for Stephen Fry this year. So now I don’t watch QI, or anything with him in it. However, I LOVE QI, and although Sandy was my favourite before I lost respect for Fry. If someone wants to watch like QI with Fry in it, I still will, with not too much “gruff”. After all, Fry is not the only person on there.
  • Or take the recent death of Sean Lock, has made transphobic comments. Personally, I thought he was a okay comedian, to “dry” for myself, he was pretty sexist too. Instead of bringing these up, I just said nothing. No need to really. Was he a terrible human being? Maybe not. I didn’t know the guy personally, which was another reason. By the way these didn’t come up just after his death, people had mentioned these things, even over a decade ago.

5 thoughts on “How I “Cancel”…

  1. Those are good examples and you made me think about how and when something or someone could be canceled. You brought up a great point about the demographic of people who really use the term “cancel culture” since I listened to a podcast that deconstructed the mindset of that name and how usually right-wing white people use it. Of course, I’ve had things that were canceled. Sorry for mentioning these names, but I’m saying them to mention a point.

    -Rurouni Kenshin: I used to love that anime series, but I was greatly disturbed when the creator Nobuhiro Watsuki was caught with possession of c***d porn, yet he still has a career. Thankfully, Viz Media dropped the American license to the manga after Watsuki was convicted. However, one of the newer Kenshin live-action movies did get picked up by Netflix though.

    -TLK: I know we have disagreements on that Disney movie franchise. Hopefully, I don’t have to repeat every issue I have ever since I found out about the very unsavory things about it in and out of the context of the movies.

    -Terry Gilliam: The Black Panther comment he made was so racist about him saying that movie is deplorable because it gives Black viewers “something to believe in”. That wasn’t a dog whistle, that was a foghorn. This is coming from the same person who made escapist fantasy movies, but he doesn’t get why representation matters. Black Panther isn’t my favorite movie of all time, but I know what he said was wrong.

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      1. Yeah, it was infuriating and I’m not even some super Marvel fan or anything.

        Very much so and the fact he didn’t get in jail and/or register as a sex offender in Japan is mind-numbing.

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