Money, Money, Money…

Must be funny, in a rich man’s world.

So, here’s my deal today. I have to wait one more week until I can get my site up and running properly. I will need money to set it up properly, lol. That is so life, isn’t it? You need money to make money, haha. I’ve been trying to find my way around certain things all week, and I just can’t.

I get welfare next week, and though it will impact me trying to save for Christmas it’d be worth it. You gotta get money to make money, haha.


I was also this old when I realised that Anni-Frid, was the lead vocals on this song…Good for her! Now Princess Anni-Frid, by the way…


3 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money…

  1. It is crazy how people need money to make money. There’s actually a rap song called “Rich Man’s World (1%)” by Immortal Technique which samples that Abba tune and turns it into a villain song where he plays an evil multi-billionaire while making some political satire as well as brutally deconstructing gangster rap cliches.

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