My LONG weekend at Grans

Haha, I was totally stressed out the whole time, but I survived. The biggest reason of course though, I was doing it, was to give my Mum and Aunt a bit of a few days without having to worry.

Problem with people with dementia, they like their routines. When I say “like” I mean they are really obsessive. Which I get. When I first offered to do it, I thought we’d go for a walk on the beach. It’ll be such fun … Ummm, noooooo…

I think I messed up her routine, by being here. The first thing that happened was I was woken up 5am with a bright light in my face and my Gran upsettably talking to my Aunt. According to my Mum and my Aunt, this doesn’t usually happen. The whole point was so that Aunt and Mum didn’t have to worry. Yet, I was worrying they were worrying, because she rang them several times that first day. I ended up being so stressed out, I really didn’t want to go for a walk on the beach, and we didn’t.

I am by nature, a very “worried” all the time kind of person.

Too the good carers out there….I freaking salute you!


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