Are Republicans really auditing in states they won?

Like I said in a post last week, Trump Supporters are incredibly dumb, haha

Nothing to do with that post, but I had a response last week from a TS. What caught my attention though was when they said that because Pennsylvania, they’re going to do a audit in Texas…Because? Trump/Republicans won in Texas? Didn’t they?

Now from what I’ve seen the Arizona audit found only about 180 votes that were potentially “dodge-city” and that’s been the same result every time. Arizona have now done 4 (that’s four) audits. In Pennsylvania, there’s only one “law” maker who insists on a total re-haul, despite audits. So why would you even bother in Texas, where Trump actually won? Do I believe it? I do actually. I’m not looking this one up though, because I don’t want to know that Texas are spending tax payers on a audit, in a state where Trump actually won.

Pennsylvania voters are wise to Mastriano’s shell game. A majority of Pennsylvanians believe Biden fairly won the election. These numbers reveal the ugly truth about the Pennsylvania fraudit: This is about Mastriano and his audience of one, not the voters.

The proposed Pennsylvania fraudit comes down to this: A deeply partisan politician is pushing for an audit that is as unnecessary as it is wasteful. And it will cost Pennsylvanians more than money; it will cost trust in the fabric of our democratic system.

Other Voices: Pennsylvania should re­sist elec­tion au­dit ef­forts Pittsburgh Post Gazette

OLIVIA TROYE August 15th 2021

Olivia Troye is a former career intelligence professional who served as Vice President Mike Pence’s homeland security and counterterrorism adviser. She is now director of the Republican Accountability Project and Republicans for Voting Rights.

First Published August 15, 2021, 8:00pm


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