How real are you?

I was writing a post on Facebook and I started to think about how “real” are we on Facebook, or indeed, any social platform. In all honestly, WordPress is where I am the most myself. I don’t trust social media platforms and I don’t trust people on them. It’s why I stopped changing my profile picture once a month on FB. It’s why I stopped telling people when I’m travelling on Facebook. It’s why I’ll say I’m going to see a movie, but wont tell people what I thought.

I have learnt over my years, there’s no point. The only point is to do it so people you can trust, know what’s going on with you.

How many times have you and yourself going to post something on a social media platform (WordPress doesn’t count), and then decided against it? I find myself doing that more and more these days. And I am perfectly fine with this.

I guess it’s not necessarily about being “real”, but how much of yourself are you willing to put out into the public.

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