I’m a jealous of the US! … Now!

Just hear me out! lol
I felt like I REALLY needed to put in the NOW in there. Because I haven’t always been jealous of the US, but I am now and currently.

What am I so jealous about?

Every time you see the term “Boring Biden”, believe me when I say. People in other countries want to have sex with boring, we NEED boring…Our brains can’t handle this “excitement” anymore,lol

In the UK and in my land of down under, we have two Trump wannabe clones. We’re still dealing with the Trump fallout. With neither Morrison or Johnson seeing the irony, that Trump was voted out by the people, and yet, they keep doing everything he did. The US election, didn’t change anything for the UK or Australia leaders. Although, one can see little changes with the US NOW. People seem less guillible.

I don’t think though until Morrison and Johnson are gone. That we can breath a sigh of relief. The World needs to see what people think of Morrison and Johnson.

Lady A


2 thoughts on “I’m a jealous of the US! … Now!

  1. Don’t be too jealous. While we do have adults back in charge at the White House, there are plenty of Trump minions still ensconced in Congress. We have midterm elections coming up next year and there’s a distinct possibility that Republicans could take both the House and Senate. Plus, not only is Trump still very much around, but Fox/Fake News is continuing to churn out his lies about the election and vaccines. So in essence, the US is still a mess.

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