Dear Men

If you ever try to come for me, a cis woman with the utter bullshit that is, biological sex is “essential” to being a woman. I will kick your ass every single time. I know women who can’t give birth, I know women who don’t want to give birth, I know women who had part of their sex removed, because the women in their families, have a family history of certain cancers. Shock and horror, there are even women who don’t menstruate, hence why we need sex ed in classes. … THESE WOMEN, ARE STILL WOMEN …

Also, don’t make me defend my ex-friends choices of not having children, and then talking about how all children should die. I don’t wanna do that. Don’t make me do that.

24 thoughts on “Dear Men

  1. There is a flipside to this and one rarely looked at.
    I am an example of the flipside.
    I do not care for the intimate relationship due to my life experiences as I am comfortable in my own skin and my own life.
    Yet that is abhorrent to some women and as such we are labelled as somehow less than being a man.
    I prefer to be friends with women as they are interesting in the way they are, just as men are intersting.
    To be clear this has nothing to do with sex or sexuality, rather it is about friendship.
    Sadly men are percieved as penis driven which is not exactly accurate and never has been.
    People are complex and in that complexity resides the arena for confusion and derision.

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  2. There were protests around this in Portland a few months back. One girl from the anti-fascists group actually legitimately kicked this far-right dude really hard in the balls, because he’d been shouting abuse at trans people.
    I don’t tend to support violence in general, but I had to admit it was kinda satisfying to watch him get completely owned by a girl half his size, for being a massive douchebag.

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      1. Lol, I know what you mean! Although in this case I had no choice, because I was actually with my husband at the time and we got into a bit of an argument over it. He actually slightly took the man’s side and said he thought it was really unfair she’d kicked him in the balls for that. I think he kinda expected me to just agree with him, cos he was a bit shocked when I said I actually thought it was completely fair and I’m glad she kicked him!

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      2. Haha unfortunately I think it’s more because my husband isn’t as much of an “ally” to trans people as I try to be. So I think he’s just weighing the random far-right white guy as being more important in that situation. So rather than a “male” thing, it’s more of a “white male” thing. White male privilege, in other words.

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      3. It is sometimes! We’ve always had slightly different political views, but because we generally get on so well we’re always able to look past that. The fact that I have slightly stronger opinions than him does tend to mean that I win more arguments though. That’s a wife’s job I’m pretty sure, Lol.
        Don’t worry though, I do have clear red lines of things I just won’t tolerate (like blatant transphobia). In the 10 years that we’ve been together, I think he’s only really crossed the line on 2 occasions, whereas I’ve never crossed his line at all. (I’m not sure if that’s because I’m better or because he has a blurrier line, Lol)

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      4. I think I know of the event you’re referring to. The guy who was kicked in the balls wasn’t being abusive – just protesting, as is his right. Neither was he white; he was Korean. I think the cause for the girl kicking him, was his t-shirt which read “Roof Korean” – a reference to the Koreans who protected their stores, livelihoods, and lives during the ’92 LA riots by firing guns from rooftops to scare off looters.
        You’re husband probably sided with the guy because us guys are protective over our balls – things that are quite delicate. It’s unlikely that her kick would have done damage, but take it from me – a guy who has lost both balls to injury – it doesn’t take that much to damage them.
        Her kicking him and then him hitting her back were both indicative of a failure to have civil discourse.


  3. I’m not quite sure where you went with this. I mean, I agree with you about women being women despite not having the attributes that most women have. As a man who has, due to injury, lost both testicles I am very much still a man. This, despite the fact that I cannot produce sperm and – due to complications with HRT – cannot become aroused.
    So, even with those attributes removed, I am still a man.

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    1. The reason that I wrote this particular post, is because when I “argue” with transphobic men. It’s really annoying too me that they bring women down to our reproductive organs, and transphobic women will back them and stand with them. At the same time though both of those groups, will say that they’re against the Patriarchy and they’re supposed to be against making women nothing but our reproductive organs. Which is in itself, odd, to myself anyway. They’re whole “Adult Human Female” mantra, as a example, is a definition created in the Middle Ages by the Christian Patriarchy. When you go look it up further, Adult Human Female comes from “Female Servant”. When you actually research into these things, transphobic people are actually trying to protect the patriarchy, rather than “dismantle” it, like most of them claim they want too do.
      They’re whole basis to discriminate and harass trans people, is based on mostly a white Religious Patriarchy. Yet, they think they’re being “progressive” by keeping the status quote of the patriarchy.
      Which would be completely fine, if they could keep that belief to themselves. However, bigoted Governments like the Tories in the UK and like the Republicans in America, are using these transphobic people as a excuse and running with it. I honestly wouldn’t care about individuals transphobia, but their bigoted Governments are taking their transphobia and trying to make transphobic “viable” Laws.

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  4. Nothing like a bit of kick ass in the morning, a hell of a jolt more than a cup of black coffee, right! In all honesty I wasn’t anticipating this at all and it did at least feel like some ice cold water on my face a good thing in and of itself at times and I hate cold showers! I had to put up with a few of those at times in my life, but it got the job done and hey changing up our routines can be a good thing now and again; don’t want to be a dull and anesthetized creature of habit just going through the motions!

    But cutting to the chase now I do have a clearly defined perception based on of course my own world and life viewpoint accumulated through living it for many years, and, while being as rational and sane as I could possibly be not even wanting to use any recreational drugs which many of my peers did. I think I was seeking to be who I really am and not alter my perception of reality by joining crowds or cliques and getting spaced out; so that I could try to be a good and decent person living a life with common sense, which is something I see many people these days lacking too often. I also think there is a lot of mental illness in the world now as well as confusion about so many things, and, sexuality is one of those things that are in an upheaval.

    I don’t want to put salt in any wounds or irritate anyone’s blisters, but, to me it is only a simple thing to consider when I say boldly that I do believe in God Almighty and have experienced very real surreal events along with study, that proved to me personally that God and Jesus exist and are totally what the standard viewpoint says they are; and all of this meaning, that we have a purpose for even being here; which we will absolutely know about in its entirety when our short lives here end. Meanwhile, as I see it I must try my best to live in accordance with values, morals and basic God given principles that come with those God given rights that our forebears spoke to when they established a brand new nation under God seeking to escape man’s tyranny; these bold people that accepted the truth that human beings are born with certain inalienable rights that God intended to infuse in them just like the immoral soul!

    Now I can say with no hesitation that I accept that there are two sexes male and female and for a reason, which is God intended it that way; so I can’t override God! Actually I see it very simply that we are in a material form where we as a species like any other need to reproduce and perpetuate our humanity for God’s plan, but, too many people want to pretend this factual identity is whatever they want to think it is, and come up with every excuse under the sun to make sexuality something it isn’t, from the sublime to the ridiculous; just because humans have this intellectual capacity to concoct all sorts of bizarre ideas and carry on with them. Which is being frank, insulting and demeaning to me; because I’m a human being created and given a very special place in God’s Creation, and so don’t appreciate blatant rebelliousness by anyone making a joke or circus out of being a human! People are not God and have no right to try overriding His design plans and purposes for creating all this to begin with.

    Now, I only need what I just said to be set and happy enough to live accordingly, but, some people want proof and I could talk hours about that without stopping, only I’ll try to keep it to a minimum for now and say; scientists highly specialized endocrinologists and many others recently had a major conference on this subject of gender and the unanimous conclusion is, at a molecular level and not just hormones, was that from the time of life beginning in the womb and on through all the stages after birth, there are absolutely only two sexes or genders and molecular science differentiates the two at that level and proves out how on a cellular level there are absolute differences of what constitutes a female versus a male dividing and distinguishing the two as either male or female and not multiple variations on the basic theme of what is a man and what is a woman.

    Now all I would like to say and end this overly long dissertation I went into is, that I really want to try helping people to understand and not argue, but rather, for all to be awake to simple basic fundamental truth, and not go off half-cocked and confused in a very messed up world today, where it’s bad enough to navigate through all the layers of difficulty of just carrying on making a decent life in a very overly complex technological world which isn’t all good; that is in some ways making many people less human and more machine. This is where I see much mental illness at work, causing all sorts of radical out of control thinking, and that won’t last or do the human species any ultimate good if it continues unabated not following God’s plan, not any good at all. We’re in a very disturbed society physiologically speaking, and, I admit it is very confusing to so many people, especially to the children growing up; so tragically some inherently go off on tangents or even get lost. That is sad to me; and I hope more enlightenment to the Truth with helpful guidance; comes for all.

    Thanks for your consideration!
    God bless all of you.
    🌷 🙏 ❤🌹🌈🌞😁😉👍


    1. I would also like to see who had those conversations. After all, there are Scientists who don’t think climate change is real. Also endocrinologists may deal with certain reproductive organs and problems in that area, but that’s not the same as working with gender. That’s not working with how the brain works in terms of who we are. Ovaries and Testes do not determine, as a example, what makes you gay as opposed to straight. We do live in a disturbed society, but it’s not trans people who are the disturbed ones.

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      1. Hey how are you! I wasn’t looking for a debate but just expressed my own objective view on what I’ve acquired through living life in the real world and not fantasies or cyberspace so my view is clear and not distorted in any way. Today there are far too many people that want to “Identify” with one thing or another but that doesn’t make it fact or truth as to what they truly are, or want to believe they are, just because they want to be a girl and all the biological facts about that person indicates they are a biological male. God created us; and we are not our own creators that can tinker and rebel to the point of saying I will recreate myself chemically induced and with surgery to be what I damn well please! That is an evil concept which is making a lot of younger people very confused and screwed over.

        Occasionally I read different articles on matters that aren’t of any interest to me, this subject being one of them, but, I want to leave a few comments that other folks made in such an article this year.

        3 March, 2021
        Actually, the scientific consensus seems more determined these days by who get the most money to espouse a particular viewpoint. Trillions of $$$ at stake here. Who cares if children’s lives are ruined permanently? Messing people up for ideology is just SO human, isn’t it? Research is being quashed for a post modern cult. I doubt we’ll look back with anything but horror when we realize what we did to our kids with these chemicals and surgeries. this is gonna make Thalidomide look like a walk in the park. But the billionaires will be happy

        25 February, 2021
        “…the scientific consensus is that sex is more complicated than the binary male and female categories” No, the scientific consensus says no such thing. Science says the “I identify as…” part of the brain is the exact same, regardless of the object of identification. I identify as a different race/height/age/weight/species/person all occur in the exact same way, in the exact same part of the brain. Simply picking one random object as acceptable to keep the egos of people intact is not science, but is the exact opposite of science.

        18 July, 2021
        There are only two genders. Stop denying science, Newsweek. REAL scientists know that there are only two genders, and that intersexuality is not a sex but a disorder. Gender theorists are not scientists. There are only two natural genders (a.k.a. biological sexes), and “intersex” is a disorder, not a gender. Intersexual individuals do not have some unique “third sex.” Rather, it is an unfortunate congenital condition that blends both sexes together. If it were a truly independent sex, then there would be some evolutionary advantage—some reproductive benefit—to it. However, there is no such benefit. Unlike with snails and slugs, hermaphroditism in human beings is an abnormality, an impediment—a disorder. Yet even truly hermaphroditic animals still do not possess a third sex; rather, theirs is likewise merely a combination of both sexes. Only organisms in the fungus and protist kingdoms have more than two sexes.

        25 February, 2021
        So, Ms. Newman is entitled to her views; but Ms. Greene is Not !? That’s what I get out of this.

        26 February, 2021
        Replying to MS.Whomever
        Because one of them is fighting for millions of Americans civil rights, while the pther ia complaining that those people don’t conform to an iron age book dubiously claimed to be the word of a contradictory deity when during the era the book was purported to be written that god hadn’t even evolved into the modern monotheistic religions of Judaism and Christianity but was part of a Pantheon of other Gods.

        26 February, 2021
        It’s unfortunate that we would have to rely on someone such as MTG to defend our best interests but on this issue I’m in agreement with her. Real medical professionals and scientists have been tearing apart this transgender pseudo-science for years. That’s why the tactics of the transactivists and far left have changed to bullying, threatening and silencing opposition and slapping a toxic label of transphobe onto people who don’t agree with them. This is an alarming phenomenon in a western society where we are seeing this kind of threatening and pressuring of medical professionals and scientists to conform to this extreme viewpoint which has no scientific consensus of any kind. In fact the consensus is squarely against it but that consensus has been blocked politically. For the record I am a strong proponent of gay rights and I have been for the past 40 years I’m not however going to go along with this trans ideology because it’s far from kind in fact it’s quite toxic.

        25 February, 2021
        Replying to Christian Smith
        I absolutely agree to act with kindness; there’s no call for cruelty or ugliness. On the other hand, don’t expect people to join trans people in their imagined space. Trying to force a person to ignore reality and use clearly incorrect pronouns is not kind. And any “reality” that hinges so much on ensuring other people play along isn’t any kind of reality.

        But of course as I see things if anyone feels or thinks they need to spend a lot of time on this subject this resource study does help to explain the puzzling ideas somewhat.

        As far as Global Warming or the Climate Chance madness that is a complete falsehood driven by nefarious powerful special interest people like the Sociopathic Bill Gates for an example to accommodate their own agenda and is totally Junk Science that has been dispelled completely by factual scientific fact and data that these Climate Alarmists skew and ignore in their own assessments.

        I just wrote this in one of my newest postings and I hope it can be something when you have time you can look over carefully to see if there are actual factual holes in Marc Morono’s scientific studies and what those might be with other factual data that shows that his findings are wrong and the Antarctic has less ice and temperatures are actually not what the actual recorded historical evidence indicates.
        Just something to kick around when you have time.
        Marc Morano says it best and truthfully, “In his best-selling book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, climate skeptic Marc Morano shares the facts you haven’t been told and argues that the bad news about the Earth’s climate is wrong!”

        “Antarctica is gaining ice, not losing it. CO2 levels are actually 10 times lower today than they were thousands of years ago, and severe weather is declining not getting worse.”

        Reminds me of the Al Gore sort who claim there is Global Warming because of us people, which did then shift to Climate Change; in order to fit the actual science that is proven and not the junk type variety these self-proclaimed prophets shout out to the world! They all remind me of people that are foolish enough to think we should prepare for Continental Drift which I’m sure at some point someone on the left fringe will start demanding we all do. Perhaps Greta the Teen girl can help them promote that one too!

        Couple more postings that provide more information that should help.

        Take care and have a very good day!


      2. Anyone who agrees with MTG. Sorry, but you definitely need to get your priorities better. Ms Greene’s opinions are bigoted and she she should not be in parliament/Government. She’s allowed to have her “opinions”, but they’re wrong and bigoted. Trans is not ideology. There is no debate, because being trans isn’t a ideology, trans people have been around before Christianity. Did it ever occur to you, that your God “created” trans people to teach YOU about your own bigotries?


      3. And quiet frankly, who are YOU or MTG to speak for God? How do you know what he has in mind? What your saying, is that you get to say what is a ideology or not. Despite the evidence.


      4. “Need to get your priorities better.” Are you tossing out these disparages at me because I definitely always supported Margaret Thatcher and still think she did a fantastic job. Equally I state who are you saying is a bigot and if that is also directed at me what moral qualification and understanding do you have to back up that major attack and toss such a degrading insult at me or anyone for that matter; are you the expert on Trans and Bigots too?

        I stated before I wasn’t looking for any debates but the previous comment I left here to further explain and respond to your last one to me was not listed here, obviously because you don’t like that it won’t or didn’t fit your agenda or personal narrative; this is not stupid evil Facebook, so you might be best to do this there and not on Word Press which is for more delineated and compartmentalized blogging not a debate format like the swill platforms out there.

        You seem to think you know so much about history and Christianity, and so I put to you this point; do you know what immorality is and do you actually believe in Jesus Christ as God Almighty! When and if you have a solid leg to stand on, you can do your 2nd come back or coming!


      5. “And quiet frankly, who are YOU or MTG to speak for God? How do you know what he has in mind? What your saying, is that you get to say what is a ideology or not. Despite the evidence.”

        This is really hysterical if I thought you meant it verbatim. Any good Christian and person who seeks to do God’s will not their own knows what God says and expects from us; by seeking His will through the Holy Spirit and making a practice of studying His word, the Bible, or is that one you never took even a glancing look at?

        Basically as simple as having a conscience and knowing what right and wrong are. These are things that even a child is aware of if their minds haven’t been warped by crazy or delusional adults who teach them wrong not right!

        By the way it’s an established fact that extreme leftists always call people that won’t accept the way they call sin something good so they take on the role as bigots and toss that insult around constantly, as they are in a world that they don’t fit into because of their rebelliousness; and that is a problem they have! They don’t follow God’s will as they should and if they really wanted to they would! Unless they are mentally ill and can’t control their behavior; like men having sex with other men not to procreate but for lust and in a heinous way that God did say is an abomination for a man to lie down with another man; let alone not a married heterosexual couple which is the proper thing to do for anyone! Horrid sin, actually abomination.


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