When a weekend becomes a long weekend

I have to start off with apology, I haven’t been very interactive this weekend. I will say that I’m going to try and go over your posts from this weekend, but I can’t make any promises.

This weekend, have been a really weird one. My baby brother was able to finally come over from his state to ours, and we met his really lovely partner. However, Sydney’s COVID has really taken off, and not in a good way. Neither myself or my brother live in Sydney, but we do have family in Sydney. Today over 600 healthcare workers are now in quarantine.

What is frustrating about the Sydney/NSW situation. Since the beginning of COVID. NSW/Sydney leaders, news “journalists”, media personalities from VICTORIA, including Government in Canberra. Have been putting down Victoria and Melbourne, they’ve literally been calling NSW the “Gold Star” standard and they even said that the NSW state leader “saved” Australia. All these people are now starting to delete their tweets, but we wont forget. Once you tweets, it’s out there. They can’t delete the whole “the woman who saved Australia” (from what we still don’t actually know) because that was a whole news, front cover page.

Also, this weekend, I realise how bad my Gran’s dementia has gotten and how bad it is. This is a woman who went overseas to America, to help AIDS and HIV victims, during that pandemic. She then travelled America, in her 50’s alone. She run two libraries, watching over one when they had to move locations. She just knew things, she attuned me to do Reiki … Too scared to be alone in her home for over 10 years. It sad and really weird.

Seriously, I would still prefer cancer over dementia/Alzheimer. What makes it extra frustrating, if you go and talk to her, she seems fine. She can still speak eloquently still, so trying to get a stranger to see that, trying to convince people she needs help, they just don’t believe you, lol. Even her health is fine, her blood tests are good, she’s still got good bone density, and she’s in her 80’s. Yet, she’s constantly calling my mum and my Aunt, and my Uncle’s partner (who lives in Sydney) and she’s crying. I’ve started calling her to give my mum and aunt a break, and I’m thinking of staying a few days.

The biggest problem, is she lives far away, and I don’t drive. Once I leave, she’ll forget I was there. But I would be doing it for my mum and Aunt. Too give them a break. When someone’s there, she’s fine. At the same time though, when she’s had no visitors over that day, that’s when she seems to get lonely and upset? It’s almost like her mind remembers someone was there, but she’s all alone again, and then gets up. Whereas, when she’s had no one over that day, it’s like everything is normal. Well “normal” for her.

Then, my cousins partner had a fall, and when she woke up she couldn’t remember short term stuff. She has three youngish children. 13 and under.

This all happened on the weekend my brother came over and we meet his new partner. His new partner is completely lovely though, and he went through something similar with his own Nan. Which is what got me thinking about staying with her for a few days. She’ll forget I was there, the moment I step out the door. It’s more about me being there, so she’s not so lonely. So she’s not constantly ringing people.


5 thoughts on “When a weekend becomes a long weekend

  1. Oh it’s so hard, my gran had Alzheimer’s/dementia too. I’d visit and she’d be pleased to see me although she couldn’t remember who I was. She often asked if I’d seen her sister, who died years ago but she’d forgotten. I’m sure she will enjoy your visit, and you’ll feel glad you spent that time with her. Your family will appreciate you giving them a break too.

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  2. It is so difficult to watch this happening. My late husband’s mother had this, it broke my husband’s heart on the days we would visit and she had no idea who he was. He understood, but it still hurts terribly. Your idea of staying for every reason you stated is a good one.

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