Common Sense…Bullying

cw: bullying, childhood trauma

Actually, people who hate on strangers are probably more likely to have had a tragic childhood. Hate is taught. A lot of therapists, actually think that Trump (as an example) probably had some traumatic incident when he was a child. And thus, he’s been stuck at that mental child age.

It makes logical sense when you*THINK* about it. Those who are bullied, become bullies, like transphobia. Chances are, it’s more likely that people who are being transphobic, are far more likely to have had a traumatic childhood, or were raised by bigoted parents.

Common sense would dictate that trying to bully, harass and take away the rights of people who are not only strangers to you, but you don’t know any, and haven’t been harmed by that group. THAT’S not normal. Trans and gay people are definitely normal. Its just their brains are wired differently, that’s it. They’re still normal though. Whatever that is, anyway.


2 thoughts on “Common Sense…Bullying

  1. Bullying suuuucks. At any age. I see it so much in gaming. I thought bullying stopped when you got older (aka more mature) but I recently was bullied out of a job, so bullies stay bullies the rest of their lives evidently. So sad.

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    1. I saw it too. It’s a huge part of why I stick to games like the Sims. Ones where I can play by myself and just enjoy =D Yeah, I’m learning too that bullies are generally bullies for life =/ You can see it in politics, religion. Especially as we in the modern times start to become more inclusive.


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