My Belief is…

I don’t think for a single second JKRowling gives a single crap about stopping violence against women.

On my Twitter account, there was a woman with a huge following, one of them was Rowling. This “woman” wished raped on myself and the women in my family, because I stand with trans people. This “grown up” woman, also and repeatedly threatened to follow trans kids into bathrooms and beat them up. That account is now gone.

Rowling was silent.

When everything started to come out and is kind of still going, about Johnny Depp. She was all “Oh, it wasn’t my decision to hire him”.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ actor Kevin Guthrie was sentenced to 3 years in jail for 2017 sexual assault, just in May this year … Again … Rowling is silent.

You are not going to ever make me believe that Rowling gives a shit about stopping violence against women. In fact, she reposted Maya Forstater tweet of “We Won” Maya Forstater, the person that brought out Rowling clear transphobia side. The only thing Maya “won” was the right to go to a employee tribunal against her old employees. Where she would just lose again. The other thing she “won”, was confirmation that her transphobia is a protected BELIEF.

I’ve posted some links below, to see how you can help families:

Family Relationships Online – Australian Government

Citizens Advice – UK

National Domestic Violence Hotline – United States

Lifeline – Australia


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