What I have to say about Laurel Hubbard

…It’s all positive by the way…

I say good for her! Laurel Hubbard is the first person to have qualified for the Olympics and is trans gender. Now, the International Olympics Committee, roughly a decade now, made it so that trans people can qualify and complete. Of course those trans people have to meet certain requirements. Laurel Hubbard, as an example, as met those requirements. It’s not like Laurel Hubbard went “Oh, I’m a trans woman now, let me into the Olympics” She had to meet certain requirements beforehand. She had to WORK at it, and meet the requirements, set by the IOC.

So I say good on her! I’m a few years younger than her and with a “bummy” leg”. If I could at this age, compete in the Olympics, I would, because why not. I am impressed, she is competing with people half her age. She’s not even the number one women in women’s weight lifting, Hubbard is ranked seventh in the IWF’s women’s +87kg division.


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