Respect is earned … Unpopular opinion

I am going to be honest, I am a little over the whole you have to respect dead people. If the dead people wanted to be respected, maybe they should have been respectful in life? I wont say things, because I don’t know who might be hurt. But I am sure as hell not going to be quiet either when someone says we should be respectful towards dead people.

Hitler’s dead, do I have to be nice about him?

Like bugger off.

If someone was a kind person while they were alive, go for it. But why should I give respect to someone dead, who didn’t give respect to others while they were alive?

It’s a weird concept too me.

I almost get when someone horrible dies, that the people they hurt, might do something weird, like my Nanna did with my Poppa. They HATED each other and my Poppa was abusive. When he died though, she wouldn’t stop saying what a great man he was…

I got it, to begin with. However, once everything had settled down, she was still saying it. It was almost like because their lives were so entwined for a long time. She actually did feel lost without him. I get it, I get that.

When someone like Rush Limbaugh died, I didn’t get it. He was a horrible human being, too everyone. And people were saying stupid stuff like “Oh you’re just jealous, because he’s going to heaven before you” My literal response was every single time “If he’s going to Heaven, I’ll go to Hell thank you very much”.


7 thoughts on “Respect is earned … Unpopular opinion

  1. When I was a child growing up we did not use honorifics for adults i.e. Aunt/Uncle/Mr./Mrs. for family and friends. We were taught to respect authority but that respect is something that must be earned not given outright to the people around us. It is how I am to this day.
    Respect and trust are two very very important things to me.
    Break either one and well I am not always going to be nice.
    But I won’t be like Rush either.

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      1. Bothers my brother and sister in law that I do not force him to call either of them aunt or uncle. Same with myself. I told her that respect is given and kept the same with a child as an adult. If not more important for that is how a child learns. Forcing them to respect everyone leads to no one asking questions and turning into blindly following. I don’t want that for my son. I don’t want that for any child.

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      2. That is a really good lesson, my Dad is CONSTANTLY telling me how I should respect him. But I have no idea what he wants me to respect him for. He hasn’t done anything for me to respect, lol


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