No more excuses!

Okay, so I think I’ve written around here somewhere the troubles I’m having trying to set up my new website. Mainly money trouble. After not working for a year, and the welfare social services being cut. I’ve started to realise how much I relied on my casual job. It may not have been permanent, but I was getting work and good money.

Even though, I don’t really have the money to startup my business. That’s not a excuse to not do the little things in the mean time. Keep writing, I can still make crafts, create, create and create. Watching my Gran go through what’s she’s going through with her dementia, is making me realise. I have no excuse to not be doing SOMETHING. My gran worked in Libraries and managed at last two of them and had a photographic memory, she was a Library herself.

No More Excuses!


This came out in 1997. Human Nature was one of Australia’s “Boy Bands” (can you tell) and I believe they’re still going. Maybe not during COVID. I believe they even had a Las Vegas gig … What are they called? Like Britney and Celine?

Oh yeah, this is from two weeks ago! Beautiful Song.

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