Thursday Theories – The Basics

I have a “belief” that a lot of bigoted type people, understand at least the basics. So it’s just that either they know there’s more than the basics and they don’t care. Or they really don’t know there is more than the basics, because they choose to not know.

And my mind can’t deal with that, haha

It’s like with Chromosomes and gametes. Yes, the majority of people have “functioning” and “normal” XX and XY, or “normal” large or small gametes. This is not true for everyone though, which makes that group a minority. Now not all trans gender people fall into any of these categories. Too transphobic people though, this is what makes a woman or a man. And this is where it starts to get more complicated.

Gametes are an organism’s reproductive cells. They are also referred to as sex cells. Female gametes are called ova or egg cells, and male gametes are called sperm. Gametes are haploid cells, and each cell carries only one copy of each chromosome. Now, if you have even a basic understanding of biology, you would know then, that not all women or men even have functioning gametes. When you bring this up to a transphobic person they will insist, that person is still a woman or man. While STILL insisting that the only way you are a man or a woman is by your gametes.

Then there’s the racism. Now, even racists will admit that things did happen in the past. However, they wont get past that. They can’t acknowledge that racism still plays a huge part in our society still.

Britain’s royals have denied being a racist family. Archived papers reveal recent racist past.

It’s those people who say “love it or leave it” who stump me the most with this basic understanding of how they’re making it a complicated problem. You don’t “leave” something because it’s not perfect. That’s stupid. Nothing is perfect. There may be the “dream”, but even the dreams are not perfection.

(As for the above article). It’s what I’m talking about. For people to sit there and say that Harry and Meghan were saying that the Queen is racists, or the people in the Family were racists, was just not true. As you can see in the article, everything that Harry and Meghan were saying is now starting to be backed up. By the “Firm”, if you will, themselves. Which is funny, because that’s what Harry and Meghan have been saying, it’s “The Firm”.

People are literally getting fired over saying racists comments about Lilibeth Diana, and yet, people will still insist that Racism isn’t a problem. It’s really not that difficult to see the racism still.

Like I’m trying to say. I think a lot of bigoted people get the basics of stuff. However, THEY decide not expand their minds any further.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Theories – The Basics

  1. Entrenched beliefs are frustrating when most of the time all most reasonable people really desire is the ability of people to be able to see both sides of the equation/argument. Even if they agree to disagree.
    Racism is a strange beast to deal with as it circles back to entrenched beliefs to some degree.
    What sucks is the current mindset of reversing everything in the belief that this is positive change. Surely that would be considered a form of bigotry and racism when viewed in the actual definition of those terms. Saying that all white people are racist regardless is judging collectively rather than individually. Perhaps I am overly simplistic in my worldview.
    I have always preferred to dislike a person on a case by case basis rather than collectively as a group. It makes my life simpler and yet it does irritate people.
    If a person simply won’t see the other side of a thing then I just don’t bother as it is as pointless as trying to hold back the tide. Again, it makes my life simpler.
    Judging people for anything other than what they are is probably the actual crime when people feel compelled to apply labels to everything. Just as the weaponization of words has been used to create and promote social divides that have the potential to create deeper social divides rather than create useful and positive changes.

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    1. I agree! Now, if I’m on somewhere like FB or Insta, Twitter. I always look at that’s persons profile before I reply. You never know, they may just be misunderstanding something. I also find doing that, you get a better understanding of where that person’s coming from.
      Unfortunately, a lot of social media platforms are also really toxic and people want to be “right” rather than listen.


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