Wont somebody think about the children!

I hate seeing bigots use children as a way to spread their bigotry. For a few reasons:

  1. They always underestimate
  2. They always thinks kids have no clue
  3. They don’t want to “safe keep” kids, they want to “gate keep” kids.
  4. They all think kids don’t know who they are, and what’s best for them.

Kids know precisely who they are, it’s the adults who keep telling them that they don’t know who they are, that make kids believe they don’t know who they are.

The next part of my blog is going to be a little sensitive. So I hope I write this “correctly”.

It really grosses me out when adults sit there talking about kids being gay, like kids being gay, are being gay because they’re having sex. My brother and cousin told us a couple of years after they “came out”. They always knew they were gay. It’s because society taught them, that heterosexuality’s was the “normal” sexuality. That they must be wrong (but not wrong). Both my brother and my male cousin, had girl friends in high school.

This movie, as an example, this whole scene. The movie itself, is rated PG or G. Yet, I know this particular scene is shown by grown ups, every where. Children watch and are allowed to watch this scene, with no parents there. But are you all going to tell me this didn’t awaken some girls and boys? This scene IS sexual. Yet, it’s only rated PG and G. Pride and Prejudice is all about heterosexuality, love and marriage.

It’s actually quiet sexual. The flirting, the lake scene, the whole “marrying well”.

Knowing your a straight or gay, does not = automatic sexuality or implied “having” sex. It just means you recognise that you like boys or girls more, or possibly both even.

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