Thursday Theories – Stonewall

First of all #IstandwithStonewall

Stonewall has been under attack recently, but a lot of anti-trans people, and especially in the media. A lot of these people have been jumping on a lot of white gay men who founded Stonewall, who are saying that Stonewall doesn’t represent them anymore. While ignoring and questioning the women who founded Stonewall and who work now at Stonewall that say that Stonewall do (what is up with that anyway).

There are a lot of disputes who started the Riots.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who started it.

Stonewall isn’t called Stonewall after the name of the person who started it. Stonewall is called Stonewall because of where the riot took place. The Riot were the LGBTQIA community stood together.

That’s the point and THAT’S what matters.

The LGBTQIA community came together to stand together to protect LGBT Rights. Not just the Rights of who started the Riots. But for the whole community.

How are we in 2021 and the LGBTQIA are now fearing that Section 28 is going to be repealed? How…

Speaking of Stonewall, Pride here in Australia has not been cancelled, however, it’s only via screen. And yet, the football was allowed to go ahead, no masks, and the population of Australia has only had (I think) about 5% of population even vaccinated…Guess what happened over the last weekend…

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