I will absolutely block you … a kind of rant

Are you all seeing my blogs?

On Twitter a couple of days ago (I think I even mentioned it on a post here) a troll, decided to not only mis-gender me, but then instructed their followers to “track down my parents, so they can “tell me of”.

*sings* They got into trouble with Twitter

I am 37, and I have blocked my Dad, a Aunt and now a Uncle for saying something completely racist on my “Sorry” post on Facebook yesterday. I have no problem blocking and cutting people off anymore (thank you Sarah – my ex-“bestfriend). One life.

I started to laugh though after my blocked my Uncle. If only that troll knew who I was, would they have changed what they said?

Unlike some people who want to be able to make mis-gendering legal *looking at you head of EHRC, Liz Truzz and Maya Forstater* As long as it’s done politely. In my experience of mis-gendering it’s either been done, accidentally or to be rude. It has never been done to be “polite”.

I don’t get offended by mis-gendered because I’m a cis woman and so have been absolutely been called worse. Yet, at the time, I should be more than offended. It’s not polite to mis-gender someone, you might do it accidentally. Most people though, who do it accidentally, always apologise.

I will most definitely report and block if you threaten myself, or my family, or a good friend, or even a acquaintance in anyway.

If you take my kind post and make something of it’s that bigotry, I will unfriend you.

We’re all grown ups here. There’s not a excuse for this kind of behaviour.

3 thoughts on “I will absolutely block you … a kind of rant

  1. Amen. There is no reason to be bigoted. The world is suffering from a serious Plague that is affecting the Earth, the Euphrates River is drying up, and they’re worried about gender?? You have a right to be upset if someone misrepresents you. Block, block, block away. You don’t need that shit in your life.

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