Segregation is live and well…

In Tennessee…

Tennessee law mandating transgender bathroom use signage ‘unconstitutional’, lawyer says – WKRN

The Lawyer is 100% correct.

Also, these sorts of “signs” don’t actually stop people from being attacked from actual predators. It’s infuriating, as woman, to know this would do NOTHING to protect women. It’s just pure evil. PREDATORS DON’T CARE ABOUT BATHROOM SIGNS. NEVER HAVE NEVER WILL.

What REALLY pisses me off about all transphobic people. They define women by what men aka the patriarchy have defined women and females as for literal centuries. That we are nothing more than our “sex”. Yet, a lot of transphobic people look at this as a win for feminism. It’s really not. I can’t begin to tell how NOT a win this is.

Let alone, especially how many butch lesbians get kicked out of the women’s for being to “manly” looking. It’s not a win for anyone.

Us cis ladies HAVE to start standing up more for the trans community. It’s the only way we are ALL protected.

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