It’s called “Terf Island” for a reason

Unfortunately the UK is being called Terf Island for worse and worse reasons at the moment. It’s shocking and horrifying and it is SO infuriating. As a cis woman to see these evil women, just say the dumbest and bigoted things…And that’s just the “Equality” and “Human Right’s: “Leaders”!

I don’t know if you heard, but the leader of the LGBTQIA Party is Liz Truss, which had to be recently disbanded, because the other members were fed up with transphobia in all parties, and they all left. Leaving her. Now, she’s put a transphobic woman in charge, who wants it to be legal to misgender trans people. As long as it’s “politely”. Bigtory is never polite by the way.

But now Liz Truss is heading a World Conference for LGBTQIA Equality…

With what party?

The BLATANT bigotry is just exposing women for being evil, for being bigots, for alarmists. It’s like now I know why women have a stereotype for being hysterical.

This year on #IDAHOBIT (May the 17th) it was revealed that the UK had gone from 3rd to 10th position in how well that they treat their LGBTQIA community. Some people were saying it’s good, but it’s not really. Situations like that you want to go up, not literally backwards. The reason for the drop? Basically because of the way the UK Government (and some of it’s people) treat the trans community.

Honestly, is it going to be getting worse? Well, if the Government doesn’t listen, it will.

Yesterday was IDAHOBIT “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia” The UK was once one of the most friendly LGBTQIA countries. Last year the UK dropped to 9th place, and now it’s dropped down to 10th. ILGA cited growing anti-trans rhetoric, delays to banning conversion therapy and criticism of LGBT+ curriculums in schools as reasons for the UK’s decreasing score However, they also praised the Scottish government’s Hate Crime and Public Order Bill, an employment tribunal ruling to protect non-binary people from discrimination and Northern Ireland winning full marriage equality. Lucky for the UK, so basically the UK isn’t 10th place because of the UK, it’s because of Scotland and Ireland.

Until 2015, the UK was rated the top place in Europe for LGBT+ rights in the ranking.

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