Thumbs Up

… I am determined to be more positive this week! I desperately need to get my mind back to the positives.

I’ve been noticing the last couple of weeks, that my Blog and my mind in general. I have not been positive thinking as much as I should, even with just faking it. This is not a time to be miserable all the time. There’s not much to be positive about. However, there is!

Despite the TERFs and transphobia in politics. It’s just that small group. Scientists, Health and good people are all on the trans communities side. They may seem loud on social media, but there are lot of good people doing the RIGHT things.

There maybe idiotic politicians, but I think the majority of people aren’t that stupid. I think once Trump was voted out, I think it did wake some people up. Again, just because some people seem loud on the internet, doesn’t mean everyone’s like that.

The last 24 hours have been really weird:

*cis women saying women can’t rape. That was a doozy!

*Janice Turner having a little moment of self-realisation.

*cis women complaining about being called cis and non-trans

*cis woman letting men tell them we are only our sex organs. Then saying they don’t want the Patriarchy in charge.

*Lis Truss heading a LGBTQIA world conference, after allowing a transphobic woman to say it’s okay for women to misgender.

*Scrapping the GRA

*Just general TERFness, lol

The Worlds just kind of really loopy and there’s no real good reason for it. Why wont Biden condemn what he should be condemning?

There does not be any reason to “consult” the public about how “best” to ban conversion therapy. You just ban it, the majority of the public want it banned. The top therapist and psychiatry organisation’s condemn it. Considering the UK, haven’t actually listened to the majority of the public with the GRA Reform, despite transphobic women getting a LOT of consultations opportunities and have not produced any evidence. I can only begin to imagine how long banning conversion “therapy” will take. Since a lot of transphobic people think it’s imperative it’s not banned to stop people “transing the gay away”.

*Janice Turner having a little moment of self-realisation.

This point is all about that. Janice Turner is a “journalist” who is VERY transphobic. This week she wrote a article with the title “Banning Conversion Therapy is a minefield” Another journalist pointed out that by standing with Conversion Therapy it is being homophobic. I think she had to take a second to think about it because she called the comment libelous, and that she stands with the LGBT community. I think it actually gave her a little mental “shake”.

Conversion Therapy is mainly used by Religious and anti-LGBT people to “get rid of the gay”. It’s called CONVERSION THERAPY … Not, we all love you for who you are therapy. Which some people REALLY need. So, if you think Conversion Therapy shouldn’t be just banned, then no, you aren’t for the LGBT Community.

Here in Australia, it’s not really that much better.

Our Government, today, have banned Members of Parliament, including any staff that work at Government House from speaking publicly about the Brittany Higgins case. Brittany Higgins was a Liberal staff member, who was raped by another Liberal staff member. The reaction from our Federal Government has been MORE than disappointing. So much for “Free Speech” from our Government, huh?

Also, I will admit I don’t 100% understand the situation regarding Jerusalem. I just know do not kill the children, leave the children out of it. Also though this may not have happened if Trump had just left everything neutral. But Biden MUST condemn.

The world is going loopy. But you know …

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