Positive Thinking

I can start off by saying, I can positively say that the World is going loopy.

So I am going to try and be more positive. I’ve even come up with a couple of what I think are intelligent responses to TERFs lately. Slightly snarky, slightly funny. I actually only thought of these yesterday.

Whenever someone says a woman is a “Adult Human Female”…I like to reply now “Oh yay woman are being defined by what a bunch of old men have defined woman as for centuries in a English dictionary, probably written by white men … YAY FOR THE PATIARCHY!!!”

I’ve also noticed that a lot of “women” keep writing under posts and tweets about domestic violence against women and children “What is a woman”. Meaning define what women is. So now I say to them. “So tell us, if you manage to get rid of trans people (which wont happen), how do you purpose that would stop the violence perpetuated by cis male against their partners and children?”

Or the classic when they say “Only one trans person is murdered (in the UK) a year, and a women is killed every three days by her male partner”. Simple reply is “Well, how is oppressing trans people, going to stop women being killed every three days by their male domestic partner? It’s not”

You gotta keep the funny snarky up!

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