Musical Adaptations

I love a good musical! I love it even more when I see a good adaption of that musical. Like with books and movies, there’s nothing like a good adaptions of one!

Number one for me is “Phantom of the Opera

It’s been a book, a musical and a movie … and I have loved them all! It actually has been the only silent film, I have ever watched and I can totally understand why ladies were fainting in the cinema’s. I swear I had my first nightmare after watching it. But what a amazing treat to be able to watch it!

Phantom of the Opera: Musical vs Movie – Musicals Online, Jan29 2015

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

My next favourite is Les Misérables!

Another one that has been a book, a musical and now a movie!

I have to read the book, written by Victor Hugo in 1862. I have seen so many musical takes of the musical, and was so excited to see the movie…Only to be disappointed.

For myself, nothing beats the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the successful musical…NOTHING…Colm Wilinkinson was in the movie recently brought out



6 thoughts on “Musical Adaptations

  1. Love both Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis.

    Phantom of the Opera- I wasn’t a big fan of the movie. However, love the filmed 25th anniversary special. And the stage show.

    Les Mis- my love started on the movie. The stage show was seen 6x. Own the 25th and 10th concert. I am actually obsessed with this musical.

    I am actually a musical theatre fanatic

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